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Difference Between Pig Iron and Cast Iron Compare the Difference Between Similar Terms


The difference between pig iron and cast iron is: different raw material technology, different types and different properties.

1. The raw material process is different

Pig iron is mainly a product made from iron ore smelted in a blast furnace. Cast iron is re-melted cast iron pig iron in a furnace for secondary processing into cast iron. Therefore, the raw materials and processes of the two are different. Cast iron is a secondary processed product of pig iron.

2. Different types and categories

Cast iron generally includes gray cast iron, white cast iron, malleable cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular graphite cast iron and alloy cast iron, etc. Pig iron generally includes steelmaking pig iron and foundry pig iron.

3. Different performance

The performance of pig iron is hard, wear-resistant, and good castability, but pig iron is brittle and cannot be forged. Cast iron has good forgeability and generally has good machinability. And has a certain wear resistance.

Uses of pig iron and cast iron:

1. The use of pig iron: Gray iron is used to manufacture various castings, such as casting various machine bed seats, iron pipes, etc.; ductile iron is widely used to manufacture high-grade castings such as crankshafts, gears, pistons, and various mechanical parts.

2. The use of cast iron: malleable cast iron is used to manufacture parts with complex shapes and can withstand strong dynamic loads; alloy cast iron parts are used to manufacture parts of mines, chemical machinery and instruments, meters, etc.


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