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This is to uncover the other side of Silicone material for you. Do you really have any understanding of Silicone products?


With the gradual improvement of people's awareness of safety and environmental protection, silicone material has already become an indispensable material in our life in different industries. Anything you use basically exists in silicone rubber material. Have you noticed it?

Silicone material belongs to a big category of rubber, its main components are made of silicone rubber, white carbon black, silicone oil, silane coupling and other categories of combination, each component of the material has different categories can be debugable different silicone material, and many people do not understand its main factor is because they do not know its core function and production process mainly in those places, So you see a lot of soft colloids that can't distinguish the material.

1 Ordinary grade silica gel

This kind of product is mainly used in many spare parts Silicone products and sealing products, such as silicone keys, silicone rubber sealing rings, silicone tubes, silicone rubber plugs and sealing gaskets, etc. Although it is only a small part, a complete product may not be normally used if it is missing.

2 Food grade silicone products

This kind of silicone is based on the coupling of raw materials such as white carbon black, silicone resin, silicone oil and silane to improve the material properties, so the product is more prominent in the performance, the silicon molecular detail is better, and the product performance is better. At present, this kind of product is commonly used in some maternal and infant products, children's pacifiers and dental adhesives, etc. At present, this kind of product is mainly sold as the main material and finished product. So the product can pass higher testing certification and standards!

3 Medical grade silicone

The raw materials and purity of this kind of product are much higher than those of the original two kinds. Its silicon molecular silica and silane coupling agent have better purity, and the Silicone products produced are more stable for long-term contact with the skin. Currently, medical grade silicone commonly used is also widely used. It is used in human surgical experiments on medical devices and products such as silicone syringes, silicone infusion hoses and oxygen masks.


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