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What is the difference between Glass Fuse and Ceramic Fuse


Fuse can be divided into Glass tube and ceramic tube according to the different material of the tube body. These two kinds of fuse have similar functions, but there are certain differences in function, heat dissipation effect and application scope. Each of them has its own advantages. Note that Glass Fuse and Ceramic Fuse generally do not work well unless they have the same speed of blowing and the same amperage.

What is the difference between Glass Fuse and Ceramic Fuse

Now many fuses are made of Glass or Ceramic. What's the difference between Glass Fuse and Ceramic Fuse?

1. the tube body material is different

One uses glass as a fuse holder and the other uses ceramic as a fuse holder.

2. Different functions

The explosion-proof performance of Ceramic Fuse is much better than that of glass tube. In addition, the excess current of ceramic is higher than the glass tube, because the quartz sand in the ceramic tube can cool the arc.

3. The cooling effect is different

Ceramic Fuse has good heat dissipation, while Glass Fuse does not.

4. Different application scope

Glass Fuse is usually used on low current lines, ceramic fuse is more commonly used on high current lines.

Fuse glass tube is good or ceramic tube is good

The difference between fuse glass and ceramic mainly lies in these aspects, so what kind of fuse is better?

1. From the functional point of view, ceramic fuse has good explosion-proof performance and higher over current flow, and its performance is better than that of glass tube.

2. From the perspective of use, Glass Fuse is transparent, you can see whether there is a fuse inside; You can't see if the ceramic fuse shorted out.

To sum up, the two kinds of insurance have their own advantages, you can choose according to the need.

Fuse glass tube and ceramic tube can replace each other

Both Glass Fuse and Ceramic Fuse belong to the ceramic fuse and have similar functions. Only the external material of the tube body is different. Can the two replace each other?

1. If two fuses have the same fuse speed and the same amperage, they can be used interchangeably.

2. In most cases, the Ceramic Fuse specification parameters are not universal with those of Glass Fuse. Replacing the glass tube with a ceramic tube will lose its protective 

effect, while replacing the ceramic fuse with a glass tube may be prone to fracture.

Therefore, when using fuse, glass tube and ceramic tube can replace each other mainly depends on their specifications.


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