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What should we pay attention to when choosing a steam Garment Steamer?


At present, there are many Garment Steamer on sale in the market. When purchasing, what we are considering is not only the price, but also the quality, appearance, durability and other problems. Do you know how to choose and buy a convenient steam Steamer?

Garment Steamer precautions for purchase

Garment Steamer optional

1. aluminum liner, characteristics of uneven heating, less steam

2. copper liner, used for a long time is easy to produce scale, thus reducing the service life of the liner

3. Stainless steel inner liner, fast heating, uniform heating, large amount of steam, will not produce scale after a long time, ensuring the service life of Garment Steamer to remain in about 10 years

Garment Steamer steam catheter

Steam conduit mainly fiber braided hose, corrugated hose with silicone tube two. Fiber braided hose and soup proof, high temperature resistance, uniform steam advantages general.

steam pressure hanging soup machine selection with fiber braided hose corrugated hose with silicone tube has high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance and other advantages, general steam pressure Garment Steamer selection of corrugated hose.

Garment Steamer nozzle

1. Plastic panel

The characteristic of plastic is that it is not resistant to high temperature and easy to deform after long use, which makes it impossible to iron and smooth clothes.

2. stainless steel panel

The advantage is that the panel is not easy to deform, durable, can achieve the best ironing effect. The bottom plate is smooth and wear-resistant,ironing is smooth. Bright metal, strong texture and high cost.

3. Ceramic panels

It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, smooth and non-stick. And scratch resistance, durable, effective barrier steam and acid and alkali corrosion, easy to clean. Disadvantages: relatively complex process and high cost.


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