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Why does Wood Flooring change color after flooring?


Many consumers will have such doubts: why the color of Wood Flooring in their homes is different from that when they were just installed? Some even think that quality problems often find business accountability, businesses know what is going on, but it seems that how to say consumers do not believe, also very depressed. Today, Xiaobian collated relevant information on this issue, hoping to play the role of popularization and questions and answers, so that consumers and businesses are no longer troubled by this problem!

Intrinsic factor

The discoloration of wood is mainly caused by absorption of ultraviolet light. The degree of discoloration of wood sapwood and heartwood after absorption of ultraviolet light is different, which will lead to certain color difference of the floor after pavement. Wood Flooring is natural wood, which has the natural properties of wood. The light discoloration is a normal phenomenon, not a product quality problem. The discoloration of most woods changes from light to dark, but only a few woods change from dark to light, and the discoloration is basically the same on the same floor. Therefore, the paved floor should not be exposed to the sun for a long time, and appropriate shading measures should be taken.

External factor

Before the Flooring is installed, the moisture content of most floors is around 20%. During the Wood Flooring flooring, if the moisture-proof film is damaged and the geothermal heating is used, a large amount of moisture will escape into the floor from the damaged area, resulting in a sharp increase in the moisture content of the floor. Some soluble substances in the wood will dissolve out and some color-changing bacteria will lead to wood depletion or blue change. In individual cases, in the bathroom and kitchen and other wet areas, the influence of external moisture will also lead to local floor discoloration.

Paving factor

The discoloration of the floor is generated in the damp part of the floor, the interface between the discoloration area and the non-discoloration area is very obvious, and it is continuously distributed between a number of floors, and some floor discoloration is the cause of pavement.

1. The ground is uneven, there are uneven small pit package, floor pavement, moisture-proof film is broken by pad, resulting in breathable. Therefore, the floor should be scraped flat before installation.

2. When paving, there is sand on the ground and it is not cleaned up, which will break the moisture-proof film pad and cause breathable air. So clean the floor before paving.

3. Pavement moisture-proof film joint is not sticky, causing breathable. The moisture-proof film should be tightly taped, preferably with a width of more than 60mm plastic tape, to ensure that the moisture-proof film is not breathable.

4. The floor pavement to the wet interface connection, such as: toilet, kitchen, dark balcony, should be back to the moisture-proof film, with moisture-proof film to cover the side of the floor, prevent moisture from entering, reduce and avoid the area of the floor discoloration and deformation.


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