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Choose the UV printer , you will get more advantages


UV flatbed printer printing color map printing is dry;

1.The flat panel printer needs to be dried naturally or baked dry.

2. The UV flat panel printer can print the relief effect;

3.UV flatbed printer can directly hit white ink; The flatbed printer has only four color inks: red, yellow, blue, black, and no white ink, so it can't print white ink.

UV flatbed printer can print material background color regardless of dark or light color can be printed; However, flatbed printers can only print light white background materials.

4. Some materials of UV flatbed printer can be coated free (such as: plastic, acrylic, wood, leather, PVC, etc.); And flatbed printer all materials to spray layer.

UV printer is the need to print the pattern is transferred to the computer, after a series of editing processing through the UV printer to print on the object, the printed material requirements are flat, common glass, tile, wood, leather and acrylic. The use of UV ink, printing immediately dry, to meet the requirements of fast shipping. The working principle of the laser printer is as copying and printing using electronic imaging transfer technology.

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