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Introduction of Clean Water Submersible Pump



FLUENT, a leading Chinese manufacturer of submersible water pumps, has successfully operated its Clean Water Submersible Pump production line for several years. This production line is dedicated to manufacturing clean water pumps, which are further divided into four distinct branches. Each branch offers a wide range of models, featuring different power versions, to cater to the diverse demands of customers. FLUENT's commitment to providing a comprehensive selection of clean water pumps reflects their dedication to meeting the specific requirements and preferences of their valued clientele.


FLUENT, a reputable water pump manufacturer and supplier based in China, specializes in producing a wide range of products, among which the submersible pump is a prominent offering. Also known as an electric submersible pump, this device features a hermetically sealed motor that is directly connected to the pump body. The entire assembly is designed to be submerged in the fluid that needs to be pumped. Submersible pumps effectively push fluid to the surface, typically providing a higher pumping rate but a lower delivery height compared to jet pumps. Furthermore, depending on the water quality, submersible pumps can be further categorized into two branches: dirty water submersible pumps and clean water submersible pumps. FLUENT's commitment to manufacturing submersible pumps showcases their expertise and dedication in providing versatile solutions for various pumping needs.


Clean Water Submersible pumps are a type of submersible pump specifically designed for household applications. These pumps are widely used in various scenarios, including draining water from basements, wells, ponds, and swimming pools. They are particularly effective in situations where the water contains impurities smaller than 5mm in size.

Clean Water Submersible pumps come in two different body material options:

Clean Water Submersible Pump in PlasticCasing

The plastic casing models are lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and suitable for regular household water pumping needs.

Clean Water Submersible Pump in Stainless Casing

The stainless steel casing models offer enhanced durability and are ideal for more demanding applications or environments with aggressive water conditions.Categorized based on the material of the pump base, the Clean Water Submersible Pump in Stainless Casing can be further classified into two subbranches.

The B-Series

In the B-series, the pump base is constructed with thermoplastic material, while the pump body is made of stainless steel. This is indicated by the capital letter "B" in the model name.

The S-Series

The S-series comprises submersible models with a stainless steel pump base. This product line is specifically designed to produce the most durable pumps capable of handling the toughest usage scenarios. The model name is followed by the suffix letter "S."

Furthermore, Clean Water Submersible pumps can be classified based on their maximum height capabilities:

Submersible Barrel Pump

The barrel pump variant is designed for applications where the water needs to be lifted to a moderate height, generally over 10 meters. Meanwhile, it is specifically equipped with hooks and matching water pipes, allowing the machine to be hung on the edge of a water bucket for use.

Submersible Pressure Pump

The pressure pump variant is capable of pumping water to greater heights. With a multi-stage impeller design, theSubmersible Pressure Pump can easily deliver water up to 20 meters in height, and reach a maximum of 45 meters, making it suitable for scenarios where significant elevation is required.


For Clean Water Submersible Pumps in Plastic or Stainless Casing

FLUENT has dedicated its efforts to develop, test, and manufacture a diverse range of clean water submersible pumps, each with its unique design to suit various application scenarios. To maximize the versatility of these pumps, FLUENT has integrated different versions of their own electric motors, providing a wide selection of power rates for customers to choose from.

Detailed specifications, such as voltage, flow rates, and maximum delivery heights, are conveniently presented in a tabular format. FLUENT also offers specially calibrated motors to meet specific requirements for different applications. Furthermore, for those with specific voltage needs, FLUENT provides 110V motors as an option to ensure compatibility.


Output Connection

To address the possibility of impurities in the water being pumped, clean water submersible pumps are equipped with a side water output or upper output. The water output is designed to facilitate easy connection to a water pipe using a thermoplastic connector accessory included in the package.

The provided connector, which comes as a standard accessory with the clean water submersible pump, enables quick and convenient hose connection. It is compatible with hoses of different diameters ranging from 1" to 2", and can be connected using either BSP (British Standard Pipe Parallel Thread) or NPT (American National Pipe Taper) threaded connections, ensuring a secure and reliable fit.

Fig1. BSP Standard Thread [1]

Thread Size/inchOutside DiagraminchmmG3/4''1.04126.441G1''1.30933.249G1 1/4''1.65041.910G1 1/2''1.88247.803G2''2.34759.614Chart1. BSP Size


After accumulating extensive experience in the pump industry, FLUENT has emerged as a reputable manufacturer and expert in the production and development of domestic water pumps. Guided by the business principles of "Innovation, Expertise, and Versatility," FLUENT is actively advancing in the field of intelligent manufacturing and exploring future irrigation systems.


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