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Vintage European Style Home Decoration


This kind of luxury has gradually become a kind of fashion, not only the pursuit of European style of grandeur, people more interested in adding a unique Italian style of romantic elegance, into the Baroque style of luxury, dynamic, changeable, absorb the Rococo style of the aesthetic, rhythmic detail processing elements. Unified color style European art decoration requirements as long as there is some European style home decoration, you can use the color and details to enhance the atmosphere. Such as Roman Columns, European doors. European style background color mostly uses white, light color, furniture is white or dark can, pay attention to series, unified style.

What do European home decorations have?

Common elements of European home decoration:

1. Furniture

European classical style furniture emphasizes elegant style, and must be made of good material to appear more noble and elegant.

2. Wallpaper

European classical style room can choose some characteristic wallpaper decoration, such as painting Bible stories and characters and other contents of the wallpaper.

3. Decorative paintings

European classical style of living room suitable for hanging with classical oil painting or photography works, and suitable for the selection of cumbersome lines, heavy frame decoration.

4. Floor

The living room floor of European classical style can be laid with stone, which is gorgeous and atmospheric. Ordinary room, restaurant or best laid wooden floor.

5. Carpet

Carpet is the main role of the European classical style floor, the comfortable feeling of the carpet and the unique texture of the European classical furniture complement each other.

6. Lighting

European classical style lighting design is suitable to choose a European style

Common European home decoration has these items, which set off a romantic and classical atmosphere.


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